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goLightly by ViviLux LED Task Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Port and Rechargeable Battery

goLightly by ViviLux LED Task Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB Port and Rechargeable Battery

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The Only LED Task Lamp You’ll Need to Bring
Beautiful Illumination to Any Area

Do you have a workspace or area that’s in need of stunning illumination?

Now ViviLux has you covered (in light that is). Our goLightly by ViviLux LED Task Lamp offers you a truly multi-functional lamp that goes well beyond simple lighting for the most intense work projects.

A Powerful Desk Light for Work and Play

Yes, we did it! At ViviLux, we designed and manufactured the light you are going to love for everyday life! We outfitted it with a built-in wireless cell phone charger and USB charging port, all powered by a long lasting rechargeable battery. Everyone needs this!


This remarkable task lamp gives you brilliant light where and when you need it most. Not only can you use this handy lamp for crafting, sewing, quilting, writing, or any other task you can imagine, but it also comes with added enhancements that most LED lamps simply don’t offer.

This great portable lamp provides 3 different light settings

This will allow you to perfectly illuminate any area of your choice. Choose from bright white light for everyday hobbies, warm lighting for reading, or the natural daylight setting (which is ideal for makeup application, writing, sewing, or anywhere true color is important). 550 lumens of bright light have never looked this good!

The goLightly by ViviLux Task Lamp combines versatility, usability, mobility, and flexibility – in one.

Need to move the lamp to another room or space for an afternoon? At only 13 ounces, moving the lamp is fast and easy. Need to quickly position the light and twist the 12” flexible neck to direct light exactly where you need it? Done. Heading to a class or going on a trip?  The goLightly by ViviLux folds into a very small compact space. GREAT for travel and classes. Never be surprised by a dead battery!  The goLightly by ViviLux has a buit-in battery indicator -- always know how much battery life you have left.

Long Lasting Charge for Extended Use:

Rechargeable battery fully charges in just 4 hours, then provides up to 20 hours worth of light!  The Task Lamp charges with the included USB cord and wall plug. Thanks to our rechargeable battery, you’ll enjoy hours of continuous light. And don’t worry, our rechargeable battery will last for 100,000 charge cycles .

Not just a great light, also a power bank to charge your other electronic devices:

Speaking of USB, our lamp also comes with a built-in Wireless Cell Phone charger and USB port to help keep your Smartphone and other electronic devices fully charged. The Qi Wireless Cell Phone charger has been updated to work with even the newest model cell phones.  Anything that does not charge wirelessly can be charged with the built-in USB charging port. 



goLightly by ViviLux Task Lamp

►USB and Wireless Charging ports (built-in)

USB Charging Cable

►US Wall Plug

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