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ViviLux Super Bright Flexible Craft Light - Velcro

ViviLux Super Bright Flexible Craft Light - Velcro

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As someone who enjoys painting, making jewelry, sewing, quilting, working on figurines or small models - or other types of hobbies or crafts - you understand the importance of having ample light available as you work. Overhead lights simply don’t cut it. What you need is BOLD, BRIGHT, and BRILLIANT light that’s directed on your area of work.


Thanks to our ViviLux Super Bright Flexible LED Craft and Sewing Light (with Velcro) this is now available. This small, light and USB cordless light uses ultra-bright LED lights to give you the perfect amount of bright light, right where you need it most.

Powered by an extra long-life rechargeable battery, it provides over 14 hours of uninterrupted bright light to work by. After that the light will last for over a week at a diminished brightness. Recharge the battery as needed, OR work with it plugged in to an external power source. Only 3 hours for a full charge.

The flexible neck on this innovative LED light allows you to focus and direct the light where you need it. It attaches to any flat surface with hook & loop tape or magnet (depending on model). It also works as a free-standing light.

  • Shine a Spotlight on Your Project: The ViviLux Super Bright Flexible LED Craft and Sewing Light is a small, portable craft light that mimics true natural daylight in a small space. Illuminate your work for precision, reduced eyestrain and to admire your fabulous designs!
  • Multi-Use Lighting: Your sewing and quilting lamp will attach to a sewing machine or other flat surface with the included hook & loop tape, or it works free standing also! The flexible neck lets you direct the light wherever you need it.
  • Versatile Task Lighting: You’re going to love this adjustable light for so many crafts and hobbies! Use it in your model train set, dollhouse or even to shine a spotlight on favorite figurines or art! Attach to your stand for sheet music lighting or use as a booklight! The flexibility offers limitless possibilities!
  • A Chargeable Light with Long Life: The rechargeable battery fully charges in 3 hours! And this little powerhouse will crank out 1200 lumens of bright light for 14 hours! Then, it keeps working on diminished brightness for over a week!

What makes this light amazing is its extra long-life rechargeable battery. You’ll enjoy 14 hours of continuous bright light on a single 3-hour charge. Beyond the first 14 hours (over the course of one week typically), the light will begin to slowly diminish in brightness. The LED lights will crank out 1200 lumens of bright light and has been made to last for thousands of hours of use.


Talk about a variety of options and unique flexibility (literally). You can recharge the battery and work completely wire-free OR use the included external power source (wall plug). Plus, thanks to the flexible neck, the innovative LED light, and the ability to attach to any flat surface (with the hook & loop tape or magnet), you can practically use this light in any way, shape, or form that you desire. It also works perfectly as a stand-alone light as well!


Includes USB charging cord.  Use any USB compliant plug or outlet

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